About Me

I finally did it.  I’ve been thinking about moving some of my music, event and movie postings from Facebook to a blog so that I can expand on my thoughts and ideas and potentially reach a larger audience and here we are!  Yes, there’s still a lot of dust to clean up and I’ve got lots to learn over the next few months, but at least I now have a space to write down all the stuff that’s floating through my head.

First off, this blog is focused mainly on festivals, events and concerts that are happening around the Ottawa-Gatineau area and is tailored to my tastes.  Since I also collect music and movies, you will likely find some reviews scattered in between the festival and event posts.  It is not a comprehensive guide and the reviews will likely be short, but if you like the same things I do, you might find some nuggets while you follow along.

A few years ago I made a promise to myself that I would stop procrastinating and just get out and have fun.  So what if it’s raining or cold, I (now) have the appropriate gear to survive mostly anything that nature can throw at us, and in the off seasons, NAC, Shenkman and Centrepointe usually have some amazing acts to go see.

I love to support Canadian, and especially local, talent, but I am not a fan of the bar scene where the acts don’t start until 10pm and finish long after the buses stop running.  That’s where the plentitude of festivals comes in along with NACShenkman, Centrepointe  and, occasionally, Canadian Tire Centre and other local venues.  As a  result of my promise, in 2014 I managed to attend 7 different festivals (Tulip, Blackburn Fun Fair, Ribfest, Dragonboat Festival, Jazz Festival, BluesFest and Folk Festival and see 63 different music acts.  My music tastes run from Rock to Blues, Jazz, Funk, R&B (old style), Swing (including Electric Swing) with a helping of Reggae, Folk, Indie and Pop (old and new).  While I may not be able to attend all the events being held covering these genres, I certainly hope to let my readers know about as many as I can as soon as I hear about them.

Stay tuned, there’s lots of fun things happening in the area and I hope to write about as many of them as I can!

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