Velo Fest & More

Sorry for the short / late postings, it’s been a busy week!  Also sorry for the calendar layout.  I implemented a wordpress update and lost some of the customized settings.  I’m hoping to find time in the next couple of weeks to clean it up again.

I almost missed out on the Capital Velo Fest music lineup for this coming Saturday May 31st (only 2 days away).   In addition to all the bike oriented activities, there will be performances on the City Hall Stage that includes Kontrast, Arms Of The Girl, Tindervox, The Ven Dreddies, Crimsonics, and the Glorious Moonrockets closing out the evening.

In other news, Michael Kaeshammer has posted a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund his next album.  Help support our Canadian Artists and receive some great music and rewards at the same time!

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