The first time I saw Tympanic was at this years inaugural aVibe festival and I was thoroughly impressed with their performance and their ability to keep me dancing for two hours straight.  Last night I had the opportunity to catch their set at The Rainbow Bistro and was very happy I made the trip downtown to see them (I’m not a fan of the late night bar concerts).  Fortunately, at least for me, they were the opening act so I was able to catch their entire set before calling it a night.  They were just as much fun to dance (and listen) to as they were in the spring and their joy of performing comes through in every song as well as the banter between the songs.  Thank you for a much needed night out!

There are a lot more events coming up in September and October, so don’t forget to check out the events calendar. I’m hoping to catch Pia Ashley next Friday and will then be off to Ottawa Folk Festival the following week/weekend (I’ll be posting my picks later this weekend).

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