The Record Company

I will be honest, I was a fan of The Record Company from the moment I first heard them at last years Folk Festival.  Last night they were back in Ottawa for a show at Zaphods, and what a fantastic show it was.  60 solid minutes of dancing up front to music I love performed by a trio of talented musicians who put their heart and soul into the show.   It’s really too bad that more people didn’t make it to the show as they missed a good one (although it left lots of room for us dancers to get into the groove).  Thank you to Zaphod’s for bringing them back to Ottawa!

Thanks to the timing of the show, I was also able to catch the Sound of Light Fireworks show last night from Major’s Hill Park.  This is a great free location if you don’t mind missing some of the low level fireworks and it was packed with people.  Portugal put on a great show that did a better job of using the entire sky as their pallet than Hong Kong did last week.  A good combination of low, medium and high fireworks sprad across the sky allowed time for the smoke to clear before the next volley and the finale was absolutely mind blowing!

Next weekend (weather permitting) I’m hoping to catch some shows at the National Capital Craft Beer Festival in the afternoon and then head over to the Fireworks Grand Finale to see the Syndicated Blues Band at 8:5 followed by another great fireworks display.

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