The Jesse Green Band #Ottawa @RoosterAtomic

On the spur of the moment, I decided to check out the current incarnation of The Jesse Greene Band playing in the afternoon at Atomic Rooster and I was not disappointed.  I haven’t seen the band play for almost 3 years so it was a treat to see them once again.  Especially now that Jesse has a new bass player, a new drummer and some new, slow, smokey, blues songs to go along with the selection that is available on her EP.  I only wish I had planned to stay for her entire performance, but alas, I had to leave at the end of the first set.  I will definitely be seeing her perform again!

On another note, this is the second time I’ve caught an afternoon show at Atomic Rooster and I really appreciate their support of the local Arts and Music scene. I also appreciate Saturday afternoon shows as the late night bar scene is far too disruptive to my schedule.  It was great seeing a really good turnout for the show, proving you can do something a little bit different and succeed. I will have to do this more often and since there are some good options coming up with Sweet and the Backbeat next Saturday and Firebelly the last Saturday of November, it will be soon.


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