The Cardboard Crowns

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of the Cardboard Crowns since the first time I saw them play at Folkfest in 2014 so when I heard that they would be performing a Sunday show as part of the Orleans Canada Day (extended edition), I knew I had to fit a trip to Petrie Island into my schedule.  Hats Off to the organizers and volunteers for their heroic efforts to make the event happen this year as the extremely wet weather must have kept them hopping trying to keep things going before, during and after each successive storm on a site that turned into a mixture of a mud put and a small lake.  While I was slightly disappointed that they ended up juggling the Sunday schedule at the last minute, the fact it happened at all is a credit to their perseverance!

It’s difficult to class their music into one category other than they play FUN music that makes you want to bounce around dancing.  While the schedule change caught me off-guard, I still managed to catch the end of the first set and was able to dance in the hot sun (and a brief rain shower) for their second set and yes, it was FUN.  They even showcased a couple of “new” songs that will hopefully end up on their next album.   It was a great way to end a week of festivals and I certainly look forward to seeing them in the future.



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