#Ottawa #CityFolk2017 Day 4

Yesterday was an absolute blast! The day started with a long overdue set by Miss Emily (I’ve been waiting 5 years to see her again). This time it was a solo act and that’s all she needed to showcase her amazing talent. She even sang two songs acapella! I sure hope she returns to Ottawa soon once her new album is released as I love to hear her sing.

Next up was The Philosopher Kings who have reformed after pursuing some individual side projects and are also coming out with a new album soon. It was a treat to finally see them perform live and, after hearing some of their new tunes, I’m looking forward to their new album (and hopefully a tour stop in Ottawa).

The closing act of the night was Matt Mays who I was looking forward to see for the first time (not sure how I’ve missed their past shows in town). I knew they were good, but they blew the doors off of the Aberdeen Pavilion last night with non-stop hard rocking show that had everyone on their feet throughout the entire performance (not that we had much choice… the room was absolutely packed with fans). I can’t think of a better way to close out my festival season than this.


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