NAC Presents

This past week I was fortunate to experience two great shows at the NAC as part of their NAC Presents series that showcases Canadian Artists.

On Tuesday, Sass Jordan came to town as part of her 25th Anniversary Racine Revisited tour. The premise of the tour was to perform intimate shows with a small audience and the NAC Studio made for an excellent venue to see her perform up close and personal. Not only did she perform all songs from the album, but she also gave us insight into the making of each song and her experiences at the time. In the end, it was a fantastic trip down memory lane for everyone there.

Yesterday it was back to the Blues with a rousing show by Shakura S’Aida, despite a somewhat disappointing turnout (to be fair there were a number of other Blues/Rock shows competing for an audience last night and I had a tough time picking one). I am certainly glad I made it to this show. Her friendly, casual attitude, fantastic Blues/Gospel vocals and a great band made for a perfect combination of the Blues I love. The encore was even better as she brought up Kellylee Evans and Angelique Francis to sing along. I am certainly going to watch for her return to Ottawa in the future as I would love to see her perform more.

I have now see 95 acts on my Sesquicentennial goal of 100 and am on track to easily exceed that as I have tickets to a number of shows this month, including Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar at the NAC next weekend.

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