Kemptville Live Music Festival

When I first saw the Saturday lineup for the brand new Kemptville Live Music Festival I was hooked!  It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen Rocket Rached and the Fat City 8 and I’ve been dying to see Angel Forrest ever since her latest album was released.  Having Juno Winning Steve Hill and Monkeyjunk (one of my favorite bands) on the bill made it a must see festival despite how much I hate driving in unknown towns. In short, it was well worth the hour drive and short walk to reach this well organized festival.  I can only hope that they can build on the success and continue holding this festival in future years as it’s much more convenient than the Calabogie festivals. Bravo to the organizers for pulling this together!

The day started with a great set by Rocket Rached and the Fat City 8.  Nothing can beat the sound of an 10 piece band plus the lead singer! A great way to kick off a nice warm summer day.  Next up was Silver Creek a roots-rock group from Ottawa who put on a good show.  Following them was Angel Forrest who insisted on starting her set early (which gave the opportunity for a well deserved encore song) and I was not disappointed.  Her amazing vocals (think of Janice Joplin singing the Blues) along with the acoustic and electric guitars make for an incredible show which is on my list of acts I must see again.  Angel’s act is definitely tough to follow, but the electric sounds of one man band Steve Hill lived up to his Juno award, although I think his show could be a little more dynamic if he had a drummer that would give him the freedom to move around the stage and work the audience more.  I was planning on staying to see Monkeyjunk, even though I had seen them the week before, but the rain that started when Steve Hill came on stage was not letting up  and I really hate driving unknown roads on dark rainy nights so I decided to end the day as the acts I had already seen had more than covered the cost of the admission fee.


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