Kemptville Live Music Festival Day 1

When I heard that Angel Forrest and MonjeyJunk would be returning to the festival to play the first night, I immediately bought my ticket. I am a huge fan of both groups and would hate to miss an opportunity to see them play live.

What a great kickoff party to this year’s edition of the festival. The afternoon started off in the right foot with warm sunshine and a fantastic set by Soulstack. Angel Forrest (what a voice!) was back this year and performed an amazing set along with fiery acoustic guitar playing by Ricky Pacquette and Denis Coulombe. Monkeyjunk absolutely killed it (don’t they always?) and finally seeing David Wilcox play live was the icing on the cake.

I have been a strong supporter of this festival since the first edition and with the Thursday and Saturday acts they signed up, as well as some tweaks to the site (a decent video screen, more potties and a water refill station to name a few), my love for this place continues to grow. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s shows!


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