Fleetwood Mac #Ottawa

I will admit it, I am a big fan of Fleetwood Mac.  The first album I ever owned was Rumours and I played it constantly so I knew the words to almost all of the songs played last night. I saw them perform when they cam to Ottawa in 2009 and I also saw Lindsay Buckingham at Folkfest in 2012, but last night was special with the return of Christie McVie after a 17 year absence.  I’m not going to do an in depth review as you can read all about it in the Ottawa Sun and Ottawa Citizen and the setlist is pretty easy to track down as well.  What I will say is that Lindsey Buckingham continues to be a very impressive guitar force and was the clear leader of the show last night, playing his heart out and working his way around the stage while the others stayed near their designated spots. Of course, the highlight was having Christie back in the fold, and playing Songbird as the second encore was a perfect way to end a two and a half hour trip down memory lane.

Next up is The Powder Blues on Saturday night!

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