Festival Wrapup

Yesterday was the last day for my local festival binge which started with Westfest, included both Jazzfest and Bluesfest and finished with a bang at the Kemptville Live Music Festival.  Over the course of the four festivals, I saw 40 bands perform over the span of 15 days.  28 of the bands were Canadian and 13 were from the Ottawa area.  Total spent on food, drinks and passes was $675 (Wesfest $17, Jazzfest $244, Bluesfest $346 and Kemptville $68). Average cost per act was $17 (Westfest $9/act, Jazzfest $24, Bluesfest $15/act and Kemptville $17/act. In short, I spent a lot money, expended a ton of energy dancing to almost every act and had a blast.  All four festivals put together amazing lineups this year and I am very grateful that I was able to take in as many shows as I did.

Without further ado, the awards for this years festivals go to (in no particular order):

Top Local acts: The Split (Westfest),  Monkeyjunk (Bluesfest).
Top Canadian acts: 24th Street Wailers (Jazzfest), Carson Downey Band (Bluefest), Steve Hill (Bluefest), Paul Deslauriers Band (Bluefest),  Colin James (Kemptvlle), Tom Lavin & The Powder Blues (Kemptville).
Favorite headliner: Sarah McLachlan (Jazzfest).
Let’s Rock: Billy Idol (Bluesfest).
Nothing will stop the show:  Sharon Jones and the DAP Kings (Jazzfest).
Best Dance party: Ginkoa (Bluesfest).
This is how to put on a show: The Peptides (Bluesfest).
Best Day:  Bluesfest July 10 with Carson Downey Bad, Steve Hill, Ginkoa and John Fogerty.
Living Legends: Charlie Musselwhite/Elvin Bishop (Jazzfest).
Best Blues: Monkeyjunk (Bluesfest), Carson Downey Band (Bluesfest), Steve Hill (Bluesfest), Paul Deslauriers Band (Bluesfest), Tom Lavin & The Powder Blues (Kemptville).
Best Jazz: Hot Sardines (Jazzfest).

Next up for me will likely be Andre Bisson who is playing at D’Arcy McGees on Sparks on August 12 and sometime this summer I plan on checking out the new Northern Lights show on Parliament Hill and I’ll also likely see one or two of the Sound Of Light Fireworks shows in August.


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