Canada Day Picks

For this year’s sesquicentennial celebration, there are a lot of great events planned for the next three days so it’s going to be really difficult to choose which ones to attend. While some of the Canada Day acts on Parliament Hill interest me, I am definitely not interested in being jammed into a confined area with a very large crowd, nor am I interested in making my way through the security checks to reach the site. Alternately, many of the bars in the Market and Sparks Street area have some good bands lined up (including The Cardboard Crowns at The Rainbow Bistro), and there are some free shows at Jazz Festival and the NAC that are also good options. Outside of downtown, Canada Day celebrations on Orleans, Kanata, Barrhaven, Aylmer and Almonte all have a great selection of bands and events to choose from.  After much thought, I’ve narrowed my picks down to the following:

Today (June 30): Ottawa Jazz Festival starting with Bixiga 70 on the Tartan Stage at 7:30pm and finishing with Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires on the TekSavvy Main stage at 8:30pm.

Saturday (July 1): Canada Day in Barrhaven with Arms of the Girl at 4:30pm, Rebecca Noelle at 6:15pm and Alter Ego at 8pm.

Sunday (July 2): Canada D’Eh Fest Orleans on Petrie Island (Day 3). The Cardboard Crowns play from 3pm-6pm and Blues & Company from 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!

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