Beechwood East Feast & Nile Groove

Last night was a new festival experience for me, following my Canada 150 goals of seeing more, doing more this year. I actually had a tough time choosing which festival to go to – Ottawa PorchFest, Beechwood East Feast or the newly created Harvest Moon festival. In the end, I chose the Beechwood East Feast because I have been wanting to see Nile Groove play live ever since they released their new album Insatiable.

The East Feast is only two years old and I expect it will continue to grow and evolve over the coming years. Judging by the crowds and long lines for the food vendors, I would say this year’s version was another success (I’m sure the nice sunny weather helped a lot). For me, the big draw was the fact that they brought in a band who play original content and Nile Groove was a great choice, as I love their brand of reggae, R&B and funk.

Did I have fun? Of course I did! Good food plus a great band that had me dancing through the entire set is a perfect recipe for happiness (in my opinion anyway). The fact I could also bring home a CD that has been on my list since its release was a huge bonus. Thank you to the organizers of the event and Nile Groove for a fun evening out. I definitely look forward to next time!

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