Another amazing show by Philip Sayce

If you are a blues-rock fan, you have likely heard of Philip Sayce.  If you haven’t, I suggest you check out his albums and videos ASAP. I have been a big fan of his since I first saw him at Bluesfest in 2009 and every time I’ve seen him since then, I’ve been absolutely blown away by his incredible guitar wizardry.   Last nights show was no different.  It was a high energy show in a packed Rainbow Bistro that was designed to showcase his songs and his ability to make his guitar sing.  I can only hope that his career can now take off to heights he deserves now that he has the backing of a major label, but I will miss the intimate shows as future concerts will likely need to be held in larger venues. For those who missed last nights show, he’s playing again tonight at The Rainbow Bistro, but I suspect there are not many tickets left for sale!

Next concert for me is Michael Kaeshammer at the NAC.  Time to put my boogie woogie shows on and enjoy another fun show.



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